Our mandate


We act as the official liaison and advocate between the members of ComCultGSA and the Communication & Culture faculty and administration.


We elect members for ComCultGSA representation at other organizations/associations/committees and relevant bodies.


We serve as a practical forum in which members may approach and discuss relevant ComCult academic and social interests and issues.

The Communication and Culture GSA Council is made up of 20 members divided into two parts: the executive committee, and the representative council.

The executive committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the GSA. The representative council is made up of members elected by the GSA to serve as representatives to other bodies at Ryerson and York campuses. Both the executive committee and representative council meet together monthly. All ComCult students, regardless of whether or not they are elected to serve on the Council, are members of the GSA and may vote at meetings.

Meet the team

The executive committee of the ComCultGSA works hard to represent you. Feel free to reach out!
Alysse Kushinski

Alysse Kushinski

President – York

PhD 4 (ABD), York University
Likes: critical theory, dogs
Dislikes: too many things to list

Cyrus Sundar Singh

Cyrus Sundar Singh

President – Ryerson

PhD 2, Ryerson University

Alex Chalk

Alex Chalk

VP – York

PhD 1, York University
Likes: online
Dislikes: online

Rebecca Hume

Rebecca Hume

VP – Ryerson

MA 1, Ryerson University
Likes: soccer, political podcasts, karaoke
Dislikes: reflecting on herself, referring to herself in the third person, math

Arjun Dhanjal

Arjun Dhanjal

VP Communications

MA 1, York University
Likes: beer, cyborgs, Foucault
Dislikes: the patriarchy

Olivia Dziwak

Olivia Dziwak

VP Finance

MA 2, York University